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"Beautiful Poses" - Part 2, Section 5

This is short, but it's the end of Chapter 2 so I wanted it
to pack a little punch. See what you think.

When Aaron came home Sunday night, I was waiting for him.

"We need to talk," I said.

"Before you say anything, I have some great news!" Aaron dropped his bag on the floor and put his arms around me. "I bought a house!"

"You what?" That stopped me cold.

"I bought a house!" he crowed. "Three bedrooms, two baths, a big backyard, a garage -- the whole nine yards!"

"You bought a house?" I couldn't take it in. "Without even telling me? Without even consulting me?"

"You'll love it!" Aaron picked up his bag and swept into the bedroom as I trailed behind. "It was such a great deal, I couldn't pass it up. A man from the Economics Department retired and he and his wife are moving to Arizona. They wanted to get rid of the place because they'd already bought a condo in Flagstaff, so it was a steal. The real estate woman showed me two other places, but they didn't begin to compare. And they're throwing in all the appliances -- dishwasher, refrigerator, washer and dryer. It's an older house, but it's in wonderful condition. Hardwood floors, the roof was replaced five years ago, and it has a new furnace. No air conditioning, but there are ceiling fans in the main rooms. And there's a deck, too."

"Wow," I said. "You really did all this in one weekend. And without saying anything to me."

"What was there to say?" Aaron unzipped his bag and pulled out his dirty laundry. "Here.

"Gee. Thanks."

"I had to move fast, Baby, before someone else put a bid in for the house," Aaron continued. "Tomorrow I'll call the management company that owns this building and tell them we're leaving. We still have two months left on the lease, but they won't have any problem renting this apartment. Anyway, if they give me any trouble, we'll just eat the last month's rent and the security deposit. With what I'm getting paid by EIU, we can afford it!"

Aaron had everything figured out. Everything taken care of.

"I want to get out of Boston as soon as we can and get settled in the new house before the semester begins in August. We'll need to buy more furniture, but we can do that a little at a time. And you'll have your own office, too. It's big enough so it can double as a guest room. There's a lot we can do with this house. And the neighborhood is nice, too. Mainly families. It looks like a street from a sitcom. Real Small Town America..."

"Listen, Aaron," I broke in. "As much as I'm enjoying your little monologue, I need to talk to you about something important."

Aaron frowned at me. "What crawled up your ass, Shea? I'm sorry I didn't call you about the house, but I was busy!"

I swallowed. "This isn't about the house. This is about something else. About us."

Aaron's eyes turned steely. "What about us? What do you mean?"

"Lowell came over here last night."

I watched Aaron's face. Something flickered across it, but I couldn't read what it was. Then he turned away from me. "Was there a problem with one of the students?"

"No. There was a problem with Lowell." I paused. "Why didn't you tell him you were leaving town and going to another school? Isn't he your advisee?"

"I was going to tell Lowell and Frieda tomorrow, when we have our final meeting of the semester. It shouldn't be a problem. Frieda is almost finished with her degree and Lowell won't have any difficulty finding another advisor. It won't affect his TA-ship, either, so he has nothing to worry about."

"Aaron, look at me!" I demanded. "When Lowell came over here he was really upset. Much more upset than he should have been over finding out his advisor was leaving."

"What can I say?" said Aaron, still not looking at me. "He's an overly emotional kid."

"Overly emotional," I repeated. "Is that all?"

Aaron finally turned around. He was smiling slightly. "Not like you, Baby. You're always understanding. And so beautiful." He reached out and stroked my arm. "I missed you so fucking much, Shea!" He pulled me close to him. "Did you miss me? All I could think about was getting my dick into you. Seeing your face when you come. That's all I dreamed about while I was gone."

I could feel Aaron's hard-on pressing against my hip. And I was beginning to get excited, too. I closed my eyes.

"Tell me one thing," I asked.

"What, Baby?" he breathed.

"How long have you been fucking Lowell?"



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