• gaedhal

Hey, Posers!

I'm posting here so I don't lose this community.

I know I haven't posted anything for quite a while,
but that doesn't mean I haven't still been thinking
about this story.

My friend Laurie is still working on her project and
she's encouraging me to go on with "Poses." I don't
know if I will, but I don't want to lose what has
already been posted here, so I guess I better at
least "ghost post" every once in a while.

Shea is still around -- at least inside my head,
so you never know.

Cheers --

  • gaedhal

No Updates -- But...

I'm still meeting with Laurie and hashing out some issues.

But I don't have a lot of hope for this story -- at least
if I'm interested in publication.

Just like "Wayfarers" and "Medium Security" -- which I thought
at least had popular potential -- this novel looks like it's
a no-go for anything except my own masochistic time-wasting.

It's not a "romance" so none of the m/m publishers -- even
the online ones -- are interested.

It's not a "mystery" so -- see above.

There are no vampires, werewolves, or aliens so -- see above.

It's too serious.

It's not serious enough.

It's too gay.

It's not gay enough.

There's not enough sex.

There's sex, but it's not explicit enough.

The sex is too explicit.

You can see the problem.

So the question is -- do I want to spend more time with this
or cut my losses? I really don't know what to do at this point.
It's frustrating to go down this road that I went down so many
years ago only to give up again.

I'm beginning to think that fanfiction is really the only thing
I can write -- or that I think I can write. It makes me sad
that I'm told again and again to write something just like what
everyone else is writing in order to get SOMETHING into print --
because if I do that and then get rejected again, I'll truly
feel like a jerk!

Anyway, I don't know if I'll be posting any more here. I just
don't know. I have some new stuff, but have no confidence in
it at all. Maybe after I talk to Laurie about it, I'll feel

Thanks to you all -- you've been great.